Acavallo Ortho-Coccyx Seat Saver Jump Drilex - Brown

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The Acavallo Ortho-Coccyx Classic Gel 20mm thickness Jump seat saver with seat saver with Dri-Lex, combines the non-slip and shock-proof properties of the Classic Gel Acavallo models with a hollow in the rear to reduce the pressure in the area around the coccyx bones, providing a more balanced weight distribution and therefore a more comfortable and safe seat. Acavallo® Gel Features - Shock absorbing - Stabilize the saddle - Relieve pressure - Close contact - Does not alter the balance of the saddle - Light weight - Non toxic - Safe for use on skin - Extreme elasticity - Easy care Acavallo® Dri-Lex features: - Provides moisture managament - Total breathable - Prevent bacteria grow - Prevent odor development - Outstanding abrasion resistant Info & care: - Can be machine washed (30 °C) or by hand in a bucket of water with little detergent - Do not use harsh detergents - Do not tumble dry - Do not expose to direct heat or strong sunlight - Allow to dry naturally

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